Friday, 10 June 2016

Nextbit Robin (2016) Specs, Price, Features And Release Date

Robin works to clean itself by managing two kinds of content: photos and apps. Photos you haven't touched in a while are downsized to screen resolution in the included Gallery app; they look fine when all you're doing is swiping through them on the device. It's when you want to zoom in and see more detail that the smart storage really kicks in; it'll automatically start downloading the full-resolution file and swap it in for the lower-res version. It's so easy, in fact, that you might not even notice anything's happening. That's just how Nextbit wants it.
Nextbit Robin Image
Apps are theoretically trickier, since we just want and expect them to work when we tap on them. Tapping on an archived app (remember, those are the gray ones) will prompt Robin to re-download and reinstall the app package alongside the user data that's still on your phone. To my shock, this worked perfectly in every situation I tried.

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